Estate Management – We manage your exceptional estates so you can enjoy your exceptional life.

What is estate management?


Well, it is anything you would like it to be.

It is a fact that there are many in this world with much, so much that they can afford multiple properties, investments and still sometimes find themselves cash-rich and time-poor.

This creates a perfect storm, where your investments can end up neglected or managed by multiple agents and contractors without your best interests at heart. It is a sad truth that some people like to take advantage of others and sometimes people with much can be easy targets.

Maybe this is not you, maybe you are just sick of dealing with different people across your investment portfolio? Maybe you just want to talk to someone with investment, commercial and residential real estate experience to bounce ideas off. Or maybe you do not quite know what you need but would like to discuss your current situation with someone?

We can be all of this and more. We cater to the people who find their needs difficult to cater to because they are unique or boutique.

With building expertise, contacts in the investment sector, a network of trusted vendors from Sunshine Coast to Ballina and a genuine interest in helping people, Von V Property Agents is the company to help you cohesively and succinctly manage your needs.

Let us help you get time back to enjoy your hard-earned estates. Let us help you save money by finding efficiencies and identifying opportunities for consolidation of services and by using our vendor discounts. Let us help you sleep easy by knowing you are dealing with a personable company with your best interests at heart.

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