Agents that help

There is tough competition in the South East Queensland real estate market but Von V Property Agents are well equipped to stand out above the norm.

So why sign with us?

First, we let you decide how to interact with us. We can communicate with you by email, phone, text, mail, skype or Facebook. We understand you are busy so will work in with your schedule.

Second, we really want to understand you. Our customers are the centre of your business. We want to know your real estate intentions and once we know them will work hard towards your dream. We want to be your agent throughout your journey from renting, to buying your first home, to buying an investment. Where ever you are in that process let us assist in skyrocketing you to the next step.

We do things differently at Von V Property Agents, meet our team to see for yourself.

Our philosophy is to market your home to its full potential.

How do we do this?

We are professionals with 20+ years of real estate experience from living the market through building and investing and more importantly we are millenials.

What does that mean? It means we get digital, in fact we get excited about digital. There is nothing that makes us happier than seeing the notification from Facebook that your house has reached thousands of people in minutes. These are exciting times for marketing and we have our finger on the pulse. We experiment with our own brand to see what will work for you and we have some innovative ideas. The best part is this type of marketing costs you a fraction of what more traditional methods would.

But, we still love the smell of a freshly printed brochure so don’t worry if you don’t believe in digital. We can save you money there as well, we have an inhouse design team equipped with all the latest tools and resources including a drone so we can charge you less for ad creation compared to other agents who need to outsource. This also means you have more control over what the flyer, poster or brochure looks like. Do you want to know what your property looks like from above? We will utilise our drone and awesome piloting skills to give you one free keepsake photo if you your interested.

Send us an inquiry form and we can chat with you today.

The first question we ever ask is “What do you need?”

What do you need?

We love left field questions and are not afraid of not knowing the answer. Ask us anything and we promise we will find you an answer, unless it doesn’t exist e.g. what is the meaning of life? We will leave that up to you.

You need a buyer if you are selling, a tenant if you are renting, captain obvious we know but how many agents have you worked with that seem to have other priorities?

This is our number 1 priority and we never lose sight of this. We are more than happy to collaborate with the competition, have private showings for prospective buyers and even walk through live video tours with buyers or tenants that are unavailable for a showing. We use all avenues available and will create new ones if we have to so that we can solve this age old problem for owner’s worldwide.

Take a look at our company information to get an idea of how we operate. We will work closely with you and your family to ensure we are the agent you need.